Routing 8 audio tracks into Flux Spat


Maybe it is simple, but I can’t figure out how to do this in Cubase 6.

Lately I found a very interesting and state-of-the-art (!!) spatial verb plugin made by Ircam/Flux. It is called (Flux) Spat ( It is possible to place up to 8 sources into the plugin. The demo allows only one stereo source, but however…

How do I relate, let’s say, 8 different audio tracks in Cubase 6 with this plugin (or with a similar plugin that handles even more sources)?

Do I need to make a bus connection or???

Any help would be appreciated very much!


Spat on an FX channel and send tracks to it.

As its designed for surround systems I would presume you will need to set up some surround busses.