Routing a DI guitar track to nowhere / make it silent on playback for reamp

Cubase 9.0.30.

I have a DI guitar track, mono. I’m routing it analogue 3 out of my Audient id22 into my outboard device. I do not want to hear the raw DI track playing back only the reamp sound.

i can go to the software mixer of audient and MUTE there but this is not desired. is there a way to route the DI as it is so its coming out of output 3 but NOT playing back? i hope I am wording my question right… im looking for some sort of “route to nowhere” option?


If you mean while recording, disable Record Enable.

If you mean while playback, set the output to Not Connected.

The route to 3 should only go to the hardware and not be heard in the mix. Probably something wrong in how you’re routing or in the iD settings.

Are you routing the track output, or using a send?

Martin - If I set the output to NOT CONNECTED then it will not route through the analogue out 3, no?

Are you routing the track output, or using a send?

I am not using a send. I have the output of the DI track going to the bus I called REAMP which is Analogue 3L of my Audient id22. This then plugs into a Radial reamp box.

yes it is while playback. How do I set the DI playback to “Not Connected” but still have it go out Analogue 3L to my reamp box?

Go in your iD mixer/system panel and choose routing other than Main Mix for out 3.

I can MUTE that output but it’s not what I want to do. There must be something in Cubase I am doing wrong. I need to know how to route the DI track to my physical hardware output ANALOGUE3 but NOT have it play through any of the playback busses. It must be a BUSSING issue?

Don’t MUTE anything…read what I said again and do that.

It is already set to NOT send to Main Mix. It sends as DAW THRU (aka full signal, bypassing hardware volume knob to reamp).

It is coming out of 3/4 in the mixer of the Audient soft panel.

Well it is supposed to be coming out 3/4 (or at least out of 3) as it can’t get to your reamp otherwise.
But your speakers are presumably connected to 1/2 so you should not be hearing it over the speakers?
And you definitely are using output routing not direct routing in Cubase (which is an alternative path)?
And you don’t have out 4 routed back into the ID somehow and are direct monitoring that?

Doh…I apologise. This does get monitored by the ID even though it is coming from out 3 and shouldn’t really be there from my understanding.

Turning it down at the iD fader/muting the channel is the only way to stop it.

Yes - that’s why if I mute (or lower fader) of 3/4 in the Audient soft panel it mutes the DI playback sound so I hear just the reamped signal.

Since my DI signal is coming out of ANALOG 3L to a reamp box, why then is it coming out of my Yamaha HS8 which are connected to outs 1/2 via hardware?

I would have thought that anything coming out of 3L would only be audible by whatever would be plugged INTO the output. There has to be some BUSS or virutal routing issue at play? Maybe Martin Jirsak can confirm?

I think you’re searching for something other than the obvious (correct) answer…the ID mixer by default mixes all it’s sources to 1/2 unless you mute them.

Outputs 1+2 receive the Main Mix of the iD22 mixer. Anything that you want to hear coming out of Outputs 1+2 has to be turned up and unmuted on the iD22 mixer (and everything you don’t want to hear has to be muted).

But I agree it’s odd which is why it took me a while to realise it was only working for me because I had 3/4 turned down already…probably because of hitting exactly this issue in the past.

Do you also have Audient id22?

Read his signature…

That’s an affirmative :smiley:

Dudes. Why so snarky. Sorry I did not read his signature. I see it now he has iD22. I will just keep trying to fix this. Thanks for the input.

No snarkiness intended.

But there is nothing to fix…you saw the quote I posted from Audient that confirms this is how it works??