Routing a DI guitar track to nowhere / make it silent on playback for reamp

Do you have input monitoring on? There are several options in Cubase that allow you to monitor different things. I would make sure that input monitoring is off, I often reamp through an Axe Fx and don’t use any input monitoring through Cubase at all. I monitor everything through my Saffire Pro 40 and the Mix Control software.

It’s not a direct monitoring issue because this is on playback.

It’s a very simple mono track with a DI guitar recorded to it The reason I am confused is because I am routing the output of that DI track to Analogue 3L out on the Audient which goes to a reamp box. It is going to a completely separate physical output on the interface and thereby should not be coming out of my studio monitors at all, only sending signal to my reamp box -> tube amplifier.

The “workaround” is to MUTE the output 3/4 of the software mixer which is the very first thing I did but I am struggling to comprehend why a signal being sent to a different physical output on my interface is being played back through my Yamah monitors connected to 1/2. Perhaps I should email Audient.