Routing a mono input to a surround track

I am attempting to monitor and record a mono input, (guitar) into a quadro+lfe track in order to take advantage of the new routing functionality for applying effects to different speakers, and running the new reverence plugin in surround. When I go to choose the mono input busses that I created, it just says “no bus”. I have never had the need to do this before, so the issue never came up. I know that it is possible to route a mono input to a stereo track, but I cannot see any reason that this is not available in surround tracks. is there any reason I may have overlooked?

I can check if it works.

But why record into such a track? Record into a mono track, then AUX send to a surround group/fx-channel that has the REVerence inserted.
Open the channel editor, expand so you can see sends routing, from there you can adjust the panner for the AUX feed.

Easy peasy

There is no reason to add additional sends,when I may be using multiple instances of the plugins, reverence was just an example of one. I will likely be setting up multiple plugins on individual channels. The routing of certain plugins will only allow you to configure them in mono, or stereo depending on the nature of the track itself. If I create a mono track,and send it to my quadro+lfe output, it enables the panner, but does not allow for direct routing of effects between individual speakers in the mix.
If I create a stereo track, and route my mono in as the input, it works, if I add a quadro lfe channel and do the same it does not.