Routing addictive drums

Hi there - I’m new to this forum so bear with me…

I use cubase 6 and Addictive Drums 1.5 - I want to route each kit piece to a separate channel in cubase for audio (not midi) processing - I have managed to route each kitpiece to a midi channel - however I have a slight problem.

I find midi processing very limiting - i have a host of audio proccessors available - i know that Cubase 6 allows you to create an instrument channel which allows you to process midi like a real instrument - unfortunately the instrument Channel doesn’t seem to recognise the separate kitpieces in Addictive drums.

Am I missing something - if not will there ever be an update on either Addictive Drums or Cubase 6 to allow for this…

(I’ve posted this to the other software company also)


Open the addictive drums manual and learn how to route the different AD instruments to the different AD output channels.

Read my post in the ezDrummer topic:

Basically you don’t need to use seperate midi channels because AD can route all instrument to different (audio)channels by itself.
What you need to do is forget about instrument tracks and load AD in the VST instrument rack.
The last icon in the VST instrument rack after the “e” (edit) icon let’s you activate all outputs.

OH and you need to tell AD to send every AD mixer channel to a seperate output this is done by pressing the ”Out” button (has an arrow pointing downwards, located below the solo/mute buttons on every channel of the AD mixer).
AD manual page 14.