Routing an insert effect to just one channel


Is it possible to route a track to an insert effect panned to one side (L or R)? For example, if I have a guitar track and want to route it to FX1 on the left side and to FX2 on the right side, how would I do this?

I know how to do this via FX tracks. But what I’m asking is how to do this within a given audio/instrument track via its inserts.

I should also note that I’m aware of the Routing Editor. However, nothing in that ‘editor’ seems to be editable. I’ve tried clicking on everything, pressing the arrow keys, switching from stereo to mono, but nothing changes. Is this just a graphic representation? The manual offers nothing regarding the way to actaully change the insert routings. :confused:



In the Chanel Settings window, click to Routing (the tab at bottom). Here you can route only one channel through the plug-in.

Hi Martin,

I was able to route the left and right channels of a track to two different mono plugins. Thanks.

Is it also possible to do this with stereo plugins as well? I’ve tried but couldn’t get it to work.


Would copying your stereo track then pan them full L & R and insert the appropriate stereo VSTe work for what you want?

Regards. :sunglasses:

Yes, it would. I currently do either that or route the track to two FX tracks panned L/R. But I’d like a solution that works within a single track to keep the project as simple, compact, and efficient as possible because I routinely run up against performance issues.

Thanks for the suggestion.