Routing and insert problems. Cubase 9.5


This seems like crazy…

It doesn’t matter if I open up songs from 9.0 och creating a new tablet from scratch.
I can’t rout/send an audio track to a FX strip due to no meter action and inserts in that FX will not work.
Routing/sending to a group channel will pass sound but any insert in that group will have no effect what so ever and no meter to tell that sound is going through that group.

Windows 7.

Have to go back to 9.0 where everything works… :open_mouth:


Could you try in Safe Start Mode, please?

Why would I do that on a fully functioning computer?
It’s pretty obvious that Cubase 9.5 is a BETA release that one have to pay for.
My Cubase 9.0 does not behave like this.

Martin probably meant Cubase Safe Start Mode:

Yes, thank you.

Thanks! That worked for me! :slight_smile: