Routing audio AFTER you separate the drums in Groove Agent?

So I wanted to get each part of groove agent into its own track so I can use more plugins, and I got that to work, but now how do I send THOSE activated outputs to another group channel WITHOUT having them play at the same time ?

when you just use the audio sends area to do it you get the option pre or post fader, and I want post fader cause my levels are set, but it ends up playing everything out twice because the original tracks are still on. Muting them doesn’t work because that’s fader level. I just want them to bypass their own output and go where I tell them.

I have a master group track that all of my other tracks are routed to so I can switch between my speakers and headphones, and so I can have master effects and stuff, but I can’t find how to get the activated outputs to be routed to the master group.

I hope thats enough information to explain what I want to do.

Thanks to anyone who replies :smiley: