Routing audio into Cubase from effects pedal?


I have an audio clip made using my Moog LP, but I want to make another audio track, using the same clip but with effects from my Boss RE20 pedal. I have a motu 828 mkii & cubase artist 6. For this example I will called the original audio clip ‘x’.

I have changed the output bus of ‘x’ from stereo mix out (which is working perfectly) to Output 2 (outputs 1&2 of my motu)
I have 2 1/4 inch cables running from outputs 1&2 of motu & going into the stereo input ports of the Boss RE20.
The stereo output ports of the Boss RE20 are then plugged into the bus Input 1 (inputs 1&2 of my motu)

I then create a new audio track. set the input bus to be Input 1 & set the output bus (stereo mix out).

I hit record, but nothing happens…

I am obviously doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out! Any help would be much appreciated.

When you say ‘I hit record but nothing happens’, did you mean to say that C6 records but there is no audible sound?

Not sure how you made the original clip, but typically a mixer is set up for line level inputs or mic inputs - neither of which are guitar output level inputs - the output of the Roland looper. So I would guess you need to figure a way to boost your signal. I am not familiar with Motu, but on my Mackie there are two channels that offer a guitar level input stage - push a button and you can record guitar straight to the DAW. Maybe the Motu has this and you are not engaging it?

You don’t give a specific version, or any other info for that matter.

You have to set it up as an effect and Export to have it affect the clip, not record it.