Routing audio

Hey folks!

I have string quartet and an audio interface with multiple outputs. Is it possible to route each instrument to separate channel. I can do only stereo, but I would like to make for example Violin 1 - 1st channel, violin 2 - 2nd channel, viola - 3rd, and cello on 4th. I hope is clear.

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Iirc, Dorico only allows two outputs. This has already been requested.

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That’s right, at the moment Dorico is limited to only stereo output. We might open this up in the future, but we have no concrete plans for it, yet.


Well - sort of? Ulf of course is the Ultimate-Dorico-Audio-Expert. I’m pretty sure that is his official title, or perhaps it is the Earl of Audio, I forget :slight_smile: So I know that he is completely right.

But …Dorico does allow you to export audio for each instrument individually. Maybe not exactly what you asked for, but I’m thinking of the reasons you might want to do that, and I’m thinking for recording / monitoring feeds to the live players for example, you are in a DAW anyway and probably don’t want any extra potential latency or out of sync. Or for performance or using outboard gear… same thing maybe?

I have an interface and have 6 matched studio monitors set up; my case is peculiar, I recognize, but I could see it being fun to route one instrument to each speaker and having it seem more realistic in the room.

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Oh thank you for the resposnes, you are really fast!

I am working a lot with live electronics and It would be super handy to just route the sound directly to Max MSP, without the exporting after every change. But I think I am gonna solve it via Kontakt! thank you so much again for help!!