Routing bug?

Got carried away this morning and routed the close mic to one stereo output and far mic to another. Inexplicably, this has dissabled all volume sliders in cubase and on the Kontakt interface.
Any ideas?


Can you reproduce it? Could you send a screenshot, please?

Thanks Martin, Yes with both Albion and Adagietto. Any related slider in Cubase and the main volume in the nki do move but don’t affect the volume. A screenshot won’t really demonstate the issue unless you think it may be some other issue.


Am I understand it correctly, these are virtual mics in the virtual Instrument (some 3rd party library for NI Kontakt)?

Could you check, your Kontakt and also the library is up-to-date, please?

Even if the main Volume in NI doesn’t move, then I would expect something is wrong on NI side.