routing conundrum/ tutorial help

ive been trying to follow a tutorial but i think it’s a really old one that requires a mixing desk and patchbay, is there anyway to do the following process within cubase, i have tried but it’s a bit confusing

#lead vocal enter channel 16
#echo send aux no1 from channel 16 to your favourite reverb
#de select channel 16 from your mix bus so the fader does not appear or feed the left right stereo mixmaster fader, you will now hear nothing unless echo no 1 is turned up, in which case you’ll hear only reverb with no direct signal.
#send the output of channel 16 to record bus 17
#send bus 17 to the input of your compressor
#return the output of your compressor to channel line input 17
#send channel 17 to the mix bus as normal, now you can hear the voice.

In- and output routing of signals should be explained in the manual. (Record) and line level input bus 17 can be “accomplished” by a Group track with a compressor inserted.