Routing conundrum

Hi all, I’m looking for a best practice way of recording a clean di of my guitar, an un-amped feed from my pedal board which will have an amp sim. All whilst monitoring the guitar through my pedals through my amp.

I have a tascam us-4x4.

I was hoping that I could plug the guitar into in 1, output that from cubase elements 9.5 to out 3 on the tascam (1&2) feed the monitors. Use out 3 of the AI to go into the pedalboard then from my last pedal into in 2 of the AI. So far so good but now I’m stuck. I want to hear the pedal board through the amp sim but also use that feed to send from out 4 to the amp but as far as I’m aware I can’t do both.

My only other solution is to buy or build a simple signal splitter box but I’m hoping to cut down on gear rather than acquire it.

Any suggestions?

I’m sorry, I just don’t understand your post. My only thought reading this is, “follow your signal path.” Good luck.

If you take the signal in and out of the Audio Interface there will be a timing discrepancy between the dry recorded signal and the one that’s been into the interface , out and through the pedal board. The timing discrepancy should be consistent if you always use the same buffer setting so can be adjusted after the event.

Your two monitored signals will also be out of sync which you may find more an issue since I assume it’s the signal that’s been in and out and through the pedal board that you’re most going to want to hear when playing along.

A splitter of some sort would be a far better option, I use a patch bay but other solutions are available. If it were me I’d look at adding a splitter box to the front end of your pedal board.

Reading your post again I think to records without a time delay AND split the signal after your pedals you actually need two splitters, one at the front end of your board (to feed both dry input and the board) and one at the end (to feed the pedal-board effected signal and amp).

Yes two splitter boxes is the best solution I can think of too. Was really hoping to avoid the extra cabling and boxes.
First pedal in my board is an always on clean boost with stereo out (although I run a mono rig) so that’s one splitter sorted I guess

Now I get it, cool answer. Thanks.