Routing Cubase to handle upgraded Kontakt error. Possible?


As some of you might have experienced the new Kontakt upgrade (5.6) “killed” some instruments (instrument crashes Kontakt and Cubase). It “killed” both “Library” instruments (Player version of Kontakt) like Mega Macho Drums and several of the instruments for the file system (full version of Kontakt) like those made with Jeremiah Penas “Engine”. When upgrading Kontakt it is only possible to load the newest version as a rack/instrument in Cubase. However it is possible to open any Kontakt instrument as a stand alone in the second latest version (5.5).

How is the routing (if possible at all) to:
Play (and edit) MIDI notes in Cubase
Route them to a stand alone kontakt instrument (5.5 version)
Get the audio signal back into Cubase???