Routing Editor doesn't work?

I just installed the trial for Nuendo 5.5, and it seems that in none of the VST’s the routing editor works. All I see is a default L-R setup, and I cannot change anything. Running Mac OS X 10.6 on a MacBook, Motu828 and I have a couple of channels sending to a 5.1 output. I tried the SurroundPannerVS for example, and no other routing options than stereo/mono.
Any help is appreciated!

Do you have your VST’s on stereo tracks?
Try inserting those to 5.1 track and see what happens then.
FYI: VST3 plug ins should adopt to whatever number of channels your track has, but VST2’s don’t.

Bye / Tumppi

Not all VST3 plugs are surround capable.
These are admittedly 3rd party ones - EQuality, Compassion, EQuick, Melodyne Editor, there are plenty of stereo only VST3 plugs.
Can you please give details on plugs tried??

I specifically am intersted in getting the SurroundPanner VS to work. Since that’s all about multichannel, and it’s a new feature in 5.5, I’d think that it would be surround capable.

Exactly what kind of channels you have and to where are you routing them?
Please enlighten me (and others) with details about your project. As I’ve never experienced any problems with routing editor.

Bye / Tumppi

Hi Tumppi.
I have a stereo soundfile on a channel that outputs to a quad output bus, and I’d like to use SurroundPanner VS to diffuse it. Much like the built in surround panner, but then with the nice features of the SurroundPanner VS. While the basic surroundpanner works fine, the SurroundPanner VS only outputs to stereo, and I can’t change the routing in the routing editor. Not sure if this is clear enough. Maybe I just don’t get how it works.

Never tried surround panner VS, and I quess the reason is this: from the manual “This plug-in distributes the audio from the input channels in various proportions to the output surround channels.”

You are trying to use it in a audio channel, right?

If you want to diffuse stereo file to quad simply use the track panner. Works like a charm…

Bye / Tumppi

Aha! That’s what it is. Yes, that’s not what I’m trying to do. Just tried it though on an input channel, and still the routing editor shows nothing but two channels IN and OUT. Do you have an example of a VST plugin and a bus setup where you CAN configure something in the routing editor? I get the idea that it just doesn’t work in the trial version.

Make a 5.1 audio track.
Route that to a 5.1 output.
Open a stereo only plug in (like waves +L1 limiter) to that track.
Open routing editor of that plug in.
Now you see to which two channels the plug in processes.
You can alter that by clicking the arrows in the routing editor.

Bye / Tumppi

Ahhh, now that works. Also I found out you can add the surroundpanner to a 5.1 track, and then use the rotation to rotate the soundfield. Difficult to do with the trackpanners.