Routing Editor doesn't work?

Hi All,

I’m having a problem. Either i’m a completely moron (which is a problem) or there is a bug in nuendo 6’s routing editor?

I having a instance of Flux SPAT inserted into a 8.0 music channel, and I get sound in and everything is good… except, I cannot find out how to configure my input channels, so they correspond to my setup in SPAT (a plugin where one can have multiple sources, and place them in a virtual space).

So I want to use the routing editor. Except, when I press either of the arrows (linked or unlinked) the in/out connections do not change. If I click anywhere inside the graphical interface of the routing editor, no changes happen.

What do I do wrong?

Nuendo 6.0.7 (2277 32 bit) - osx mavericks.

I did try it with the Reverence reverb, i can’t move the input or output bus neither. It’s working for stereo or LCR setups, but as soon as i reach a quadro setup in the bus setting, the editor does not allow moving I/O buses anymore.

This one seems like a bug or we missed something.

You could use something like Miniroute 66 available here in the utilities section, it’s a 6x6 matrix plugin :

But you are in 8.0 and this plugin is only 6 channels.

Or perhaps this one : 24 i/o (22.2 support) :

As a side note, i’ve always found this editor counter intuitive. Why not allow a free editing from inputs to outputs ?

AFAIK, every properly written VST plugin “links” to the correct channels. So in theory, you should never have to change the routing. Unless the number of channels don’t match. I just tried with Flux Verbsession, and all channels are correctly linked.

If you want to change the channel order anyway, you can use the Mixer Delay plugin, and insert that in the slot prior to the one where your plugin is.