Routing editor

I am trying to use routing editor to flip channel two to three in a four channel group to correct a routing issue with a vst plug. I have gotten to the input routing with the four lines and four squares with the grey field between them, but the settings are unresponsive. I am hoping for some guidance.

Trying to understand the problem here & struggling.
Can you please describe the problem?

I am using a plug-in that accepts a mono analog signal on it’s input number ‘1’. That plug outputs a four channel signal, unfortunately it’s channel 2 and channel 3 need to be exchanged before the 4 channel signal hits the decoder.


I am trying to use channel routing but it is only active when a plugin is inserted and it seems to only accommodate one cross routing element. I need to cross route 2 to 3 and 3 to 2.

I have an audio channel playing a mono signal with the VST Plug insert, that generates a 4 channel output. I need to send that to a group channel and along the way convert track 2 to 3 and 3 to 2.

Use the Mixer Delay plugin to change channel routing.



Thank-you, I also discovered the standard panner and how to choose it. It seems that the panners were interfering with straight channel routing between tracks and groups.