Routing effect channels [solved]

For various reasons I need my stereo master out to be free of effects and I’d like to have a Group Channel in front of the stereo out where all my tracks and groups are routed to. That’s obviously pretty easy to set up, but here’s the bummer: I can’t route the effect channels to this group. Nuendo only allows me to route the effect channels directly to the stereo out. I can however route them to a separate group channel. Only that I cannot route this channel to my “main out group channel” but again only to the stereo out.

why is that?

Can’t tell you why you’re having this trouble, but I can say that it’s not the case here. I routinely route everything (fx channels, audio, vstis) to a “Premix” group that takes everything and feeds the stereo out. It should work.

Have you tried it in more than one project? Tried dumping your prefs?


Make sure that your group channel does not have these effect channels in it’s own sends.
Nuendo will not allow channel routing which would effect into a feedback loop.

OK, I got it! I found the feedback loop and now everything works fine. Thanks for your replies!