Routing experiment, please help

Hi guys,

i have a project with a bunch of mono vocals going to a stereo group. The stereo group has 3 fx sends on it, feeding two delays and a reverb.

The vocals are all panned differently and also change over time. I’d like to be able to have - especially the reverb - follow the pan each vocal individually. Normally i would just send each vocal to the fx and turn on follow pan, but the vocals are first fed into a group, which makes for a particular sound. So:

Mono vocals (panned), -> Stereo Group Channel -> 3 FX send effects.

Is there a way to have the send effects follow the pan of the vocals?


Even though the vocals are, themselves, routed to a group, you can still use the Sends on the individual vocal channels (and, of course, not send to the reverb from the Group;) )

If you have Mono vox panned into a Stereo Group and then Stereo Sends from the group to a true Stereo verb - the panning will be inherent in the send.

If you want to reduce the divergence (stereo spread) of the verb and have it follow the vox then you would need to send from the individual channels to individual verbs (to allow individual panning).

Better yet put your vox on stereo tracks and insert a verb on each - collapsing the spread a bit and panning as you will.

3 different approaches with different results.


Thanks guys.

I am going to try those different solutions.
Only thing i am worried about is that my vox need to be processed first (via a group) before going to the send fx. The group channel does heavy fx processing on the vocal. Therefore sending it directly from the vocal channel will bypass the group channel right?

Yes, that is true. I think the best you can get, in this case, is to create a new Group, copy over the settings from your original Group, route this new Group to your FX (or Send from there to the FX @ 0db), then, on your original vocal tracks, Send (with your desired panning) to this new Group instead of directly to the FX.