Routing external CV with Reaktor Blocks 1.2


Has anyone managed to get the pitch to CV routing set up with Reaktor Blocks 1.2?

I can’t seem to get Cubase Artist 8 to route correctly.

As a VST instrument, I can’t get the external audio in to Reaktor to tune the osc.

As an insert effect, I can get the audio in, but cannot use the multiple outs of Reaktor, as it seems limited to the single output channel of the audio track.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Im struggling with this as well, but did manage to get it working in some sort of fashion by watching this vid and substituting the voice controller plug in for reaktor 6 fx plug in…trying to find out if there is a better way…not sure if this solves the output thing either…im using 8 pro though so dont know if this makes a difference…

i’ve been struggling with this as well. i’ve been thinking there must be a way to do this with reaktor in stand alone mode, and just sync it to the cubase clock. but then i’ve run into the problem of how to get a midi out to go to the reaktor standalone.

anyone make any progress?