routing external fx

Hey all;

I’m still running Cubase 5 and a MR816X.

I’m setting up my TC Electronic M300 as an external fx unit.

Previously, I had had it hooked up with no problems to a Delta 1010 via SPDIF. Two digital channels in and two digital channels out. Great.

With the MR816, in order to use the Rev-X reverb (which I love), you cannot (at least as far as I know) have access to the SPDIF on the MR816. Fine. Hook it up to the analog I/O.

Two scenarios:

Drums subgrouped to a group channel with the M300 set up as an external FX insert on the group channel. Seems to work okay. As a stereo insert on a stereo channel… no problem.

Vocal track (mono) using the M300 for some delay/reverb as an insert. The vocal track sounds seriously out of phase… or is it polarity. Whatever. Fades in and out like the track is fighting against itself to come through the channel. Go to VST connections and disconnect one of the “legs” of the send channel… no prob.

But… when I had this hooked up to the delta 1010 via SPDIF, also a stereo send/return, I could insert it onto any kind of channel I want.

I guess what I’m looking for is some sort of guidance on what the “right” or even “best” approach would be for routing this.

The M300 is a dual-engine fx processor. It can accept two different inputs in parallel and treat one through the reverb engine and one through the multi-fx engine, but I always set it up so that the effects are in series. One input (stereo or mono) through both effects engines (you can, of course, turn one or the other off if you don’t want it), and to the output.


Try panning the External FX send all the way to the left!