routing Flux Ircam Spat


I started to using Flux Ircam Spat and I love the way it works as a surround mixing tool but I have a problem with routing it’s inputs.
Teoretically Ircam Spat can accept 16 sources, but I don’t know how to rout tracks to plugins inputs. I found a way to put 12 sources to it - I insert the plugin on output track in 10.2 configuration and then I can put any track to it using direct routing - fox example 1st track to left, second to right and so on.
Is there a way to create 16 channel group and rout any track to this group particular inputs? Or maybe there is better way to do it?

greetings and thanks for help


12 channels is the widest track and bus available in Nuendo. If you want more channels on a single track or bus, you should take a look at Reaper DAW.

I have been trying to do this for ages, and as stated above, you can sort of do it for 12 channels, but it is a real PITA. This is an area where Pro Tools is much better than Nuendo, and even Reaper (not that I would ever use that program on moral grounds) can do it better.

The problem is that Nuendo thinks it knows best, and whilst it gives you the option of quite a few set-ups for surround, the developers totally miss the point that if you are capable in dealing with these complex set-ups, it would be far better to allow you to create your own.

I did already start a thread about this, so I’ll link to it if I can find it.

Edit: Here you are.


thanks guys.

it’s really sad.
I actualy don’t know what to do… I’m mixing complex surround project next month and Ircam Spat is really a time-saver for me. I will have to look into Pro Tools or Reaper as mixing DAW for this one :frowning: