Routing for external fx on Main Out

I’m trying some external hardware on my mix bus., just to see how it sounds. I have it all set up and working, but if I put any “in the box” plugins on my Main Out insert AFTER my external fx loop, I don’t see any meters anymore on my Main Out. So in order to make this work the way I’m running right now, I have to make sure the last plugin in the chain is the external fx loop. I don’t like that because I like to put a limiter on there at the end, JUST in case. I don’t hit it, but I like to have it as a safety.

Should I be setting up my mixes differently? My normal setup is to group stuff and bus stuff (drums, backing vox, electrics, etc) and all my buses just go directly out to the Main Out. Should I create a Mix Bus and put all my external stuff there, then go to the Main Out and put my internal plugs on that? Thanks for any tips here.