Routing FX tracks to group tracks in elements


I’ve searched around a bit on the forum trying to find an answer to this but the previous posters with the same issue had all created feedback loops and this was the issue. I’m not sure this applies in my case.

I have a mixbus group track which I want to send pretty much everything to, including fx tracks. For some reason cubase will only let me route fx tracks to output buses (stereo out and mono out in my case). There are no sends whatsoever on the mixbus track, so there shouldn’t be any feedback loops, and I even tried creating a new group track with nothing on it to see if I could route to that but no.

Is it an elements thing that you’re only allowed to route fx tracks to output buses or am I missing something?

Also, on an unrelated note, I can’t seem to export tempo tracks from cubase 9 like I could in cubase 5 (I mean exporting the tempo track to a file on my hard drive which I could then import in a separate project or send to someone else etc). Any ideas as to why?

Thank you in advance and apologies for the lengthy post.

It´s both due to the fact that you have the elements version

Ah, well that explains it. Thank you!