Routing Groove Agent to desired Outputs Without Control Room?


I have connected my Audio interface to connected multiple Monitors to output ports. Let’s say I have a pair of monitors connected to Output port 7&8. How can I have GA playback via this new output port. I know how to do this in Control room.

The issue is that activating GA output port seems irrelevant to the hardware outputs and also one cannot define external instrument with GA!

It might sound a silly question. I’m just curious to see if this is possible!



In GA itself you make a virtual routing to your DAW (Cubase). So you can route specific drum sound to a dedicated channel in Cubase and add your plug-ins as an Insert effects, use Sends and all other stuff in Cubase.

Same as you can set the output of this Channel to your Output bus 7&8 in the MixConsole.