Routing Groove Agent

How do I route each Groove Agent One pad to a single Cubase track.
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Cilck F11. Load GAO into a slot. Click the little ->] icon on the top right of the VST Instruments “rack” to open the output activation pulldown for GAO. Turn as many as you need on. Once done, you’ll find a channel for each assigned output in the Mixer view.

Go back to GAO and click on a pad, followed by assigning an output from the Play (or Voice) window’s OUTPUT control knob.

Thanks for your time Weasel.

Is this the same for GA3? I am using it in Cubase 6 and have ensured that all channels are allocated as Outputs 1 - 8. I have recorded the 8 tracks - but I can only hear the bass drum. I can see that the MIDI is working and I have opened all Outputs via the VST panel. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :question:

Yes it is. Look at these 2 pictores (Groove Agen 3 Main and Groove Agent 3 Import).

I’m having a similar problem with GrooveAgent SE. How exactly do I do my routing? I don’t see any output options in GA.