Routing group channels to input bus of an audio channel

Hi Guys,

I recently purchased Elements 6 and I’m having difficulty with something.

Having read and watched several tutorials, I’m still finding problems in what I’m trying to do.

I routed one audio channel to a group channel by selecting it in the output bus and now I want to record from the group channel to another audio channel. In the new audio channel I try to change the input bus to the group channel; but, the only option I have is either ‘no bus’ or ‘stereo in’.

Is this a limitation in Elements 6 or am I completely missing something?

Many thanks.

It is a limitation of Elements 6

Ah that explains it.

I’m trying to create a reverse reverb, so I guess I’ll have to export the audio after I’ve reversed it, re-import and then apply the reverb, export again and then finally re-import and reverse the sample back… Or is there a better way of doing it?


Might depend on your soundcard. some have routing capabilities, that can do some kind of “internal recording”.
Reversing audio should be possible without ex- and re-importing even in CE 6.

One possible way : Copy the audio track you want reverse reverb on to another track, and take a note of the start point. Solo the track if you like and put a reverb plug on it set to half wet half dry and adjust the verb to taste, then make sure it is 100% wet. Solo the track and export making sure the box is ticked for it to be re-imported to an audio track. Now reverse that and make sure it begins at your noted start point.

Have fun, delays are a lot of fun too !


EXACTLY the way i’ve always done it… bit like the old days of tape when you had to physically flip the reel over… might take a few goes to get it right the first time but it’s pretty easy to do… can sound great in the right place :smiley:

That will not produce the classic reverse reverb!

mister2b already explained the correct way. (almost :laughing: )

Ok I’ll elaborate :stuck_out_tongue:

Take part and reverse, slap on reverb 100% wet, Export and Import, reverse the result and align the end point to the original un-reversed part.

That’s exactly what I said Split, you’re version is just more concise !

Sorry, I know you know how to do it but when I read what you wrote it doesn’t work. so it’s not exactly the same.

No reversing of the original file before applying reverb, also aligning the result to the start point rather than the end point after reversing the imported reverb!

Anyway I apologise for being uber pedantic (again) :laughing:

Apologies Split, you’re damned right ! I did forget to reverse the original file in the procedure I suggested, I submit. Also the aligning thing I got backwards too; I hold my hands up !


Don’t worry, I’m going for therapy soon…

Thanks for all your help guys. Works a charm :smiley: