Routing / Grouping Matrix


I’ve been using Reaper before I got Cubase and there are only 2 features that do not exist in Cubase that I would consider a great addition.

They are the Routing and Grouping Matrices.

Routing matrix is a very easy and fast way to route your mixing session, from channels to groups and to effects. (toms group, drum group, instrumental group, etc.).

The grouping matrix is to link faders together, etc.

Check it out

Thank you

Have you looked at the Direct Outs section of the MixConsole and turning on Summing Mode?

Yeah, I saw it now, and it is only a Cubase Pro version that I wasn’t aware of (I use Elements), but it is not what I meant.

The purpose of Group Matrix it is not the same as in Direct Route, although you can also achieve the same effect: sending your audio to Master and groups in parallel after or before the pre gain.

The reason I brought this up is because the Matrix window allows you to route your tracks very fast and easily, its a Workflow plus for me at least

So the way it works is you:

  1. import all of your tracks into the program
  2. create your groups (KICK if you use kick in and out, SNARE for top and bottom, TOMS, DRUMS, GUITAR 1, 2 ,3, GUITARS, KEYS, etc…)
  3. in the Grouping Matrix window, it is one place when you perform all your routing, remove sends to master, send audio to groups, then groups to “bigger” groups i.e. Tom group into Drum group, etc…

like represented here

its just a place were you can see all your routing and make it.