Routing Headphones and Monitor Speakers

How can I route all tracks in a project to headphones, while only certain tracks are routed to monitor speakers? I want to hear all tracks on my headphones, but only selected tracks and live keyboard playing to be heard on the monitor speakers or routed to a separate amplifier.

I’m using Cubase 9.5 with the most recent version update 9.5.41

Operating System: Windows 10

There is no Cubsae 9.5.
But basically create a headphone output bus.
Create a monitor output bus.
Connect them to the desired hardware output of your interface (if you have one).
Then send the desired tracks to the monitor or headphone bus as desired.

Hi, It’s worth reading up on Control Room, especially the bit about “Setting up a Cue Mix”

You don’t say if you are on Artist or Pro which might make a difference, so best to put your system specs into your signature so that people can comment accordingly. Ignore the sharp tongues that you’ll come across and dig around the forum topics there’s loads of info to be searched out.

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