Routing in Cubase 7.5


I’m running Cubase 7.5 with UA Apollo interface.

I have an outboard compressor and eq wich I’m trying to route my masterbus (stereo out) to. Though this obviously does’nt work. Any way around this?

Btw, I don’t want to use the insert/send fx bus, just want to route all my channels out and back in again, if that makes sence.

Bare with me :blush: I’m new at this :wink: Coming from OTB-world


F4 (VST Connections Panel) -> External FX tab. here’s where you set up your external gears’ IOs. then what you set up here shows up among your VST plugins under ‘External plugins’.

edit: oh you don’t actually want to use inserts… there is a way but don’t have time to explain atm i’m sure somewill will chime in.

Did u try putting a group channel just before your master out, routing it to your hardware, and in turn routing all your tracks to that group instead of your master out? The return can be assigned to an audio track, which you can set up to be the only thing that feeds your master out.

It’s been a while since I worked w/ external hardware, but iirc that (or something very close :slight_smile:) worked well.

This doesn’t make sense, since this is exactly what the external FX function is for. It allows you to send out and return at any point in the chain. Why wouldn’t you want to use the thing that is made to do exactly what you want?

Other than that, you just use VST Connections as already suggested (F4).

Btw, I don’t want to use the insert/send fx bus

This doesn’t make sense, since this is exactly what the external FX function is for

Exactly…setup your stuff as external FX and insert them as inserts the stereo bus.

unfortunately you can’t save the external fx presets. :smiley:

Why do you need a preset? It’s just channels

Thanks alot guys! :slight_smile:

Coming from outboard-world, so I’m a n00b here :wink:
Appreciate your help.

I will try the group channel though.

because I’m using all my 16 channels to route some hardware externally, and I should reconnect all the channels all the time… is very boring… :cry:

Make a template

If it’s important that you just get the Master Bus out to your analog, simply patch the apollo’s outs to its ins and record that into a stereo track (make sure monitoring is off, or you’ll blow yourself up)! This is easy if you have a patch bay; a pain in the ass if you don’t. :wink:

That being said, I would use the External FX bus as inserts so you can keep motoring through the Master and bounce down your mix as you normally would.

I have the same setup with an Aurora and the template restores every time. No redo.

Thanks for the genius reply… even I make a template, when you launch cubase with another audio track on in another machines and back to the old one you cannot recall the fx presets, because these are not saveable. When I work in other songs from clients I cannot use a template, and will be very useful recall presets for the external fx, but you can’t because same problem…

Makes templates is useful only for some projects and only if you work in same studio and same setup.