Routing in Cubase AI4.5

I have been wondering why I cant see a wider selection of buses in the input and output sections of an audio track as I would like to route to them. I have set up additional busses in VST Connections. I have seen videos showing how to do it but I think thay are using Cubase 4.1 not Cubase AI4.5 as I have. Is it possible to use internal routing of tracks in Cubase AI4.5? If not what is the best way to convert a midi track to an audio track after I have associated it with a virtual instrument using Halion.
All this is quite new to me so hope I am asking real questions??
Thanks for any help I can get.

I don’t think you can route the way you want in AI, so you could just solo your instrument track and export, checking import to project and pool (or whatever).

Thank Split, I played with the settings again over the weekend and I have found that you are correct as far as I can tell. I got the Cubase AI4 with a Yamaha MW8CX mixer I purchased so am really on a steep learning curve and not quite ready to upgrade to Cubase 4,5,6?? (($$$$)) which I gather will allow the routing I would like. Still exporting and reimporting works OK. I have read something about routing to a group then routing the group to an audio track but cant work that one out yet :slight_smile:
Cheers Les