Routing Individual Sends From an FX Track to Seperate Channels

I’m trying to isolate the reverb for specific instruments sent via an FX track from the instruments themselves. If I use an FX track with a reverb on it, and send say a guitar and a synth to it (edit), is there a way to route the reverb for the guitar and the reverb for the synth into different tracks? And if not, is there a 3rd party plugin anyone can recommend to achieve this result?

Don’t think I understand the question.
You send TO a FX track not from.
What is it that you want to achieve ?
Recording the FX to tracks ?

Right, sorry yeah, you’re right. So if you send say 5 instruments to an FX track, you end up with one FX track that contains the reverbs for those 5 instruments. What I want to do is seperate those 5 reverbs into separate tracks somehow.

use inserts.

Inserts wouldn’t isolate the reverb, and it would also be too high on CPU load for the kind of projects I’m talking about.

Just create separate fx tracks and put reverb on each one then choose different ones for the guitar/synth/whatever. Yes uses more resources bit it’s the only way if you want to keep the reverbs separate other than using as an insert. Not sure if it’s any more efficient (probably slightly less).

Yup. planarchist answered while I was still typing.

Alright thanks, I’ll just have to set up those FX chains and disable the inserts on them until they’re needed.

@-steve- I see, OK all good. Just thought there might be a way or 3rd party plugin to isolate them somehow.

Well there is a 3rd option, and that is record the FX channels to audio tracks.
That of cause can be very tedious when you are editing anything and have to redo thees FX tracks over and over.
But for final mix purpose it is a viable route to take, also for archiving purpose. when you in 10 years time want to open a project and the Reverb plugins no longer exists.

Which is exactly the old school “correct” :wink: way to do it and was standard analog fare back in the more expensive magnetic tape days… If you could afford to use up tape like that. (and the reverb “plugin” :wink: was an actual space on the studio premises!)