Routing individual tracks to A&H Qu-32

This one will win the prize for dumbest question of the year in the category of routing I’m certain…

Setup: Cubase 8.5
Mixer: Allen & Heath Qu-32 w/ USB connection

I’ve been routing all of my output channels from cubase to ch 31+32 since I bought this board earlier this year. Everything works great. I use the mixer in cubase, assign & route channels, etc. But I send it all to the stereo mix on ch 31/32 for monitoring. I find the DAW cumbersome to use when tracking and just evaluating mix options. In this situation I would prefer to send the individual channels from cubase to individual channels on the board. The Qu-32 knows that DAW output ch N should be seen on Qu-32 USB input channel N. Cubase has VST output channels set up to map ch 1 -> Qu-32 ASIO ch 1, ch2- ch2, etc. And that works fine. Assign output of, say, a guitar track in cubase to output channel 5 in the inspector and sure enough, a guitar shows up on the board on physical channel 5. And so do ALL the other channels in cubase. Drums, basses, keys. Everything. Whenever I change the output channel of ANY track, they ALL change to the same output. I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m missing.

Anyone out there able to help a brother out?

Thanks - Andy


Did you Add enough (i.e. 32) Output Buses in the VST Connections > Outputs?

Yup. I’ve mapped all 32 as solo. I’ve deleted and mapped a handful of stereo and a handful of mono. It works as expected at the board i.e. if output N is routed to Qu-32 channel M the sound(s) show up on the board on channel M, for any values of N and M between 1 and 32. The problem is that whenever I choose an ‘N’, it is applied to every track. Bizarre. I know I’e done this before. Thanks for the response!!

This is from the Qu-24 manual, I hope they are similar:

Stream audio back to the Qu – Audio is returned via USB B. This is mapped one-to-one to the inputs channels. Use the Preamp screen Fn key Source page to patch USB B to the channels. Make sure you have set ‘USB B Streaming’ as the global USB source.

That’s the weird part. Everything on the Qu seems correct. All the mappings are one-to-one. And they are working. THe problem seems to be in Cubase. Any track that selects a specific output selects it for EVERY track. It seems so odd, perhaps a reboot is necessary…

Problem solved. Sort of. For grins I thought I would pull up another project and try the same thing - assigning individual tracks in cubase to output to channels on the Qu-32. Works like a charm. In fact, of the 5 projects I tried I couldn’t duplicate the broken behaviour I was experiencing in my initial project. Bizarre. It all works exactly as I had expected. Going back to the original project, same problem. Change the output bus on one track and it changes the output bus on all tracks. So I can’t seem to solve the problem on this one session but it doesn’t seem to be a problem in any other session. Maybe one day I will figure it out. Frustrating but not worth the effort to understand. I’d rather write, play, and record. :slight_smile:

Are the tracks linked, in some form on the offending project.

Not intentionally but I suppose it’s possible. I will look through documentation for any information I can find on linking tracks. It sure sounds like a ‘link’ behaviour. I didn’t think of that.

Side question: are there any cases where creating a new track inherits attributes of an existing track?

Thanks for the idea!

peakae: Thanks! The tracks were linked! I failed to notice that I had linked them the day before from the mix window. Because I was trying to route everything to individual tracks in my hardware mixer I didn’t have the mix window open. Thanks a million!