Routing instrument tracks to audio tracks

So I just got Nerve and want to record its 16 individual outputs at once but I don’t get the routing. Do I really have to set up a group channel for each of the outputs and then route that to an audio track for each?! hope not… :confused:

I would suggest just assigning your VSTi outputs and then do a Channel Batch Export of all 16 tracks in Export Audio Mixdown. Then instruct Cubase to automatically import the audio files back into the project in the Export Audio Mixdown dialogue under “Import into project”. Done. You can do this faster than real time as well.

While you can record the VSTi directly to audio tracks via dummy busses and routing it is pretty cumbersome with so many tracks at once.

Bounce in place or some sort of extension of the Freeze functionality would be be a welcome feature in Cubase. We have track versions now so why couldn’t just choose MIDI or Audio? Anyways, this subject has been discussed here forever on the forums.

If you set your session up with unconnected outputs and route those to the audio tracks, it is fairly easy to export them all at once. However, i would put the audio tracks in a folder so that you can enable input monitor (can’t remember if that’s what it’s called in Cubase) on all tracks at the same time.


Of course, Racer, that’s the way to go, beautiful. Thanks a LOT!!

DG also thanks to you, however I’m not sure what you’re suggesting can be done in Cubase, think not

however I’m not sure what you’re suggesting can be done in Cubase, think not

Oh it can!

And is the only way you could (for instance) tweak a synth in realtime while recording the results (without going out of the box)

Matz67 I hope the batch export works for you. I think it is a fantastic feature of Cubase that people forget about for all kinds of tasks related to getting audio in and out of the DAW quickly.

I won’t try to explain it here, but the unconnected output buss method does work. I have done it. If you want to try it out I’d just start with 1 track otherwise it can get confusing. Also, if you are uncomfortable changing your VST Connections then I’d forget about it. The link below is an old video that Greg Ondo did that describes how to do it if you wanted to give it a shot. This video is an old version of Cubase, but it all works the same in C7.

thanks again, Racer. The Batch Export is just what I’ve been looking for and it works great so I don’t really need to explore the other option. However, there’s a thing in the video I don’t get. At around 6:21 he’s in the mixer where he’s turning stereo tracks into mono tracks choosing the Mono Out. I don’t see that option in Cubase 7, how can that be? I just have the option of Stereo Out and Left and Right

You can define and name any in/out to something useful to you.
So either stereo as base with left and right - or just mono 3 or mono 4 or whatever.

You can even duplicate the same input to be named many things.

So he probably did this for his own purpose.

Make a preset of this to use in new projects.

nevermind, silly question. I of course just gotta set up a Mono Out in VST Connections and then its right there

Unfortunately in Cubase 7 elements this does not work. When I go to my audio track there is no group channel listed in my inputs. Not sure if this is an Elements version limitation.

Yes, it is. “Recording From Busses” is a Cubase (full version) only feature.

Thank you! been going mad trying to figure out what I’m missing.
I’ve spent hours and hours trying to get audio from my bus to my audio track.
Is there any other way to get the audio from a VST to a audio track in Cubase artist 7?