routing Midi Channel to Plug in effect

I made another topic about this, but it sort of fizzled out. I’ll try a more broad approach than the specific question I asked in my other thread.

I want to use my Korg triton keyboard as a controller for a plug in effect, specifically a vocoder. Most of the tutorials I’ve read say that I need to set up an audio channel, set the effect (vocoder) as an insert on that audio channel, set up a midi channel, then set the output of my midi channel to the insert effect (vocoder) that way I can control it with my keyboard.

The problem is, on my midi channel output, there’s no option to set it to the effect. There’s no option to even set it to another channel. The only options for my midi output are the VST instruments that I have downloaded. Does anyone know what steps I need to take to set the output to my plug in effects?

Which Vocoder plugin are you talking about ?

the Mda vocoder, found here:

easy…open the vocoder on an audio track…create a midi track with your korg controller as input and choose the vocoder (it will appear as an output choice if its midi controllable) as your output