Routing MIDI controller for a VST Effect

Hi all,
I wonder if I can get some help…

I am using an Arturia Minilab mkII midi controller with rotary encodersand I want to be able to use them to control the macros in KiloHearts Snap Heap.

You should be able to bind a midi control to a macro within the effect, just like you would with a VST instrument, but any movement with the knobs doesn’t seem to be recognised.

This is the verdict from KiloHearts support:
“Since SnapHeap is not an instrument but an effect most DAWs requires you to manually route Midi to the effect before you can set up bindings.”

Any help would be brilliant,
Thank you!

I think I might’ve part worked it out.

I’m running Cubase 9 Pro - I go to Studio Setup, I’ve got the Minilab as the generic remote input and Snap Heap as the output.
I click apply and OK, try to bind a knob or the mod wheel to Snap Heap and no joy.

I go back to Studio Setup and the output has cleared itself and says not connected…

OKAY! I’ve worked it out…

When you add Snap Heap as an effect, it creates a midi input.

You need to create a midi track with the input as the MIDI controller and the output as Snap Heap.
Then you can bind knobs or mod wheel etc… to the Snap Heap macro.

Please excuse my ramblings ;]

I’m trying to do this to control a plugin via midi controller (Arturia Beatstep), however i cannot make this work, I can control VST instruments just fine, but when trying to control a plugin on audio channel it will just not learn even on the quick controls page, I’m using Cubase Artist 10, is this a feature of PRO that shows the outputs of plugins effects on audio channels as a output option or is it a limitation of Artist?

To be clear i’m trying to control a VST plugin on a audio track with a midi controller how do i go about this thanks?