Routing MIDI from one VSTi to another?

Apologies if this is basic operation, I can’t seem to locate this in the documentation:

I’ve been exploring the vast variety of arp/phrase generation in the Halion trial version (in C6.0.1, Mac OS X) and want to route that MIDI to another VSTi to enable the non-Halion VSTi to play those phrases - so MIDI from one instrument track to another instrument track . . . any suggestions?

Thank you for your time.

ot what you are asking for, but as an FYI, in HALion Sonic, in the FlexP section, you can use the “MIDI Connector” icon to “Drag MIDI phrase to Host Sequencer”.

If you mean the new flexiphrases, AFIK they are internal to the instrument and there is no midi out from that instrument that can be routed to another track. It is not like a midi insert like Arpache or Beat Designer that can be sent to another track or a VSTi like Groove Agent 2 that out puts midi that can be recorded.

I could be wrong … but I don’t think so.


Thanks for your insights!

Aloha o,

Here is a long and clumsy work-a-round that might achieve your end result.

If the Halion trial version phrases you want to use are single note phrases,
you could record them to an audio track.

Then use the C6 ‘audio to MIDI’ conversion feature
to make a MIDI track and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.


Thanks Curteye - that thought did cross my mind . . . certainly a last resort!
While an extremely powerful instrument environment in its own right (first time I’ve explored this particular VSTi), looks like SB feel you would never want to extend this power to other VSTi’s . . . Oh well.

If a VST instrument provides a MIDI out, it becomes available as MIDI in for any MIDI or Instrument track. So the question is: Does the plugin have this MIDI out?


ouzoman wrote: I’ve been exploring the vast variety of arp/phrase generation in the Halion trial version

AFAIK Halion trail version does not have a MIDI out feature.

…nor does the full version AFAIK… at least I can’t see it anywhere. Pity though. I’d love to hear those strumming flexphrases through my Kontakt four samples.

Funny you should mention Kontakt, Martin - that was the VSTi I wanted to use as well . . .

In retrospect, I believe that the arps in halionsonic may not be simply arps. They are (I believe) based on Yamaha’s “mega” sample set that includes such samples as “thumps”,“clicks” “finger noise” etc… So simple midi out may not be the “slam dunk” that I was hoping for on some instances anyway.