Routing midi out to an external instrument and a VST instrument.

Struggling with this one. I have an external instrument (Roland V Drums) set up and working. I wish to also send the same midi data to a VST instrument ( Superior drummer 3 ) at the same time. There is no bus for this in the external instruments channel send options and I have not figured a way around it.

Also the first return bus ( I am using 8 )from the external instrument shows in the mixer as the name of the external instrument. Any way around this, I would like it to be named Overheads. If I change the mixer legend to that of course the midi channel ( External instrument ) also changes. Like to keep midi channel as V Drums and the mixer bus as Overheads.

Hi and welcome,

To send the MIDI data from the MIDI track to other MIDI output (or Instrument Track), use MIDI Sends.

But the Audio signal you have to handle separately, of course.

Sorry Martin I must be a bit slow. I do not have a true midi track here. Both the external instrument ( V Drums ) which contains the midi data and Superior Drummer are Instrument tracks and as far as I can see have no midi sends.
Are you aware of a way to send midi information from an instrument track to another instrument track.

No, there isn’t such a way inside cubase.
I would transfer the midi to a real midi track which can then feed whatever you like


You are right, Instrument track doesn’t have MIDI Sends. Unfortunately there is no other way (but MIDI Sends) how to send MIDI data to multiple MIDI destinations (outputs).

Instead of Instrument Track, you can use Rack Instrument and MIDI track, so you can send the data to multiple outputs.

Thanks Martin. Yep had already tried that and failed . Not really sure why. From memory the midi send from the rack instrument did not send. Tried with a rack instrument of V Drum and than a rack instrument of Superior Drummer both failed to send.

There is a midi thru option in Superior drummer 3 which creates a new midi input that I have also failed to connect to my real world midi out going to V Drums.

It seems the only thing that will talk to V Drums is a midi track outputting through real world midi out and specifically set to channel 10. Setting midi to Any fails. I am wondering what channel the midi send option in Cubase actually sends on.

This is quite simple in Cubase. Use a midi track that is routed to your vdrums, and do a midi send to your SD instrument track. Your midi track will then drive both the vdrums and SD.

Thanks GlenO got there myself in the end, then saw your post.

Conclusion, it is not currently possible to midi send from an external instrument either as a track or rack instrument to another vst instrument.


Are you using a controller for this?

Just create a duplicate MIDI track and monitor both it and the VSTi

Or Get LoopBE or Copperlan. These are internal MIDI routers that you can use as a way to split and daisy chain. I use both. LoopBE for simple internal routing, and CopperLan for cross computer MIDI communication. Both show up in my DAW and can coexist.

So how this will work is, you will have three tracks:

MIDI Track - Master (controls both)
–Input: None, or your MIDI controller
–Output: Internal MIDI 1 (LoopBE)

–Input: Internal MIDI 1(LoopBE)
–Output: VSTi

MIDI Track (Out to Vdrums)
–Input: Internal MIDI 1 (LoopBE)
–Output: Vdrums


Are you using a controller for this?

Just create a duplicate MIDI track and monitor both it and the VSTi


Or you can make a shared copy of the MIDI Part. Then once you change something in one of the shared copy, it will be mirrored in the other shared MIDI Part.

To make a shared copy, drag and drop the MIDI Part and hold down Alt (to copy) and Shift (to shared copy). = symbol appears in the right top corner of the shared MIDI Parts.

Btw, MIDI Sends are available, if you add an Rack Instrument (External Instrument) and a MIDI Track. I have just tested it.