Routing MIDI Through an Audio Interface

I have Cubase 6.5 along with a Presonus Audiobox 44vsl and a Korg M50. I can currently run audio from the Korg through the Presonus perfectly fine, and I can run MIDI from the Korg through a USB straight into the Generic Low Latency driver. My problem is that I havent been able to get audio and MIDI to work at the same time. I would like to be able to play audio instruments along with my MIDI instruments through my presonus, but I havent been able to make MIDI work through my presonus, and when i try to run my Korg connected via USB while cubase is set to use the Presonus driver, it makes a bad clipping sound on all of the MIDI tracks. Is there anyway to fix this? I want to use MIDI through my Presonus so that i can play both MIDI and audio at the same time. Thank you for any help you can provide. If you have questions just let me know. Thanks!

MIDI tracks can’t clip. MIDI tracks generate no sound at all.
Are you talking instrument tracks?

Just to be clear, your setup is like this:

M50 audio out L/R -> Audiobox audio in L/R
M50 USB -> Computer?

Have you tried setting it up like this:

M50 audio out L/R -> Audiobox audio in L/R
M50 MIDI out -> Audiobox MIDI in
M50 MIDI in -> Audio box MIDI out
Then select the audiobox MIDI port for the MIDI track input?

Also: what are your buffer settings?

correct it cannot clip. But there is some sort of distortion in the data I guess.

And I tried what you said and right now it is set up the way you said except for the MIDI port being set for the track input. For the track input it isn’t giving me an option for anything but “All MIDI inputs.” What should I do?

Also, I am honestly not quite sure what my buffer settings are. Where can I look to find that exactly? Is it under Device Setup?

Configure VST Connections correctly.

is the input from m50 clipping? might be that you have “double inputs” somewhere. maybe you are hearing audio thru direct monitoring thru Presonus and thru Cubase.

The audio from the Korg is not clipping. It isn’t an issue of the audio recording poorly because I use it often and it is fine. The problem is just when i want to use the MIDI inputs in the back of the Presonus. When I use the presonus driver to put audio through and then try to input MIDI via USB into my computer through the Presonus driver it has a problem coming out as a clear sound. The sound is broken and chopped up and nasty sounding. I want to just route audio and MIDI through the Presonus at the same time. Audio through the Presonus is doing fine, I currently am having an issue getting the MIDI to work through the Presonus standard MIDI jacks, maybe that is because I do not know how to change the MIDI input settings within cubase? When i plug in the MIDI cables, there is no signal showing up within cubase. Any suggestions? Thank you for your responses.