Routing mixer inputs, Cubase AI 8

Hi, I recently purchased a Yamaha MG10XU mixer which came with a free version of Cubase AI 8. I have downloaded the necassary driver to make the products sing together but no matter what i do, when I look in device setup to route all my inputs it is only showing 2-the problem is that the mixer is a 10 channel interface. How do i make Cubase “see” that there are 8 other channels on my interface? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase AND the mixers drivers but nothing has changed and its driving me mad. Can anyone advise?


You have done nothing wrong, no need to reinstall or anything, you have bought a Mixer, yes it has 10 channels but not 10 busses… It only has a main Stereo out. It doesn’t mean that it has 10 individual digital outputs. It only has one Stereo output. You have to do all the mixing in the hardware Mixer and you will only be able to record the main Stereo output.

If you read the description of your product you will see that it says:

USB with 2 In/Outputs > (compatible with iPad version 2 or higher, camera connection kit is required) XLR Out, Cubase AI DAW Download Code is inclusive, dimensions 244 x 71 x 294mm, weight 2,1 Kg, optional case 353022

If you want to record 10 individual mono inputs, you will need two 8 I/O interfaces and then connect them via ADAT or daisy chain them, depending on the interface.

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That’s exactly what I just unpleasently discovered…Why would mixer have such a solution? What’s the point in having all these channels which in fact only 2 of them go out? And I thought I bought such a great tool…:frowning:

Why is this so? I just figured that it works in such fashion…and I have 10XU as well…What’s the point??? I don’t get it…