Routing mono channel to Group LFE

I have a 5.1 project with multiple audio tracks and several 5.1 Group tracks. The groups are all routed to a 5.1 Master. I would like to have a few dedicated (mono) LFE audiotracks. I can route these exclusively to the LFE of the 5.1 master, but it is not possible to route them to the LFE channel of a Group channel.

It is possible to send the LFE audiotrack to the LFE channel of a Group by gaining the LFE send in the surroundpanner of the track, but then it is still also sent to the other channel(s) to which it is panned.

Is there any way to route the output of a mono channel to the LFE channel of a group?

Not sitting in front of the computer now but isn’t that related to Child Busses in the I/O (F4)?

Thanks for your help Hugh. You are absolutely right! I never knew this feature existed. I added an “all mono child busses” to the group channel, allowing me to route to the LFE bus of that group exclusively.