Routing multiple channels to single group

I have a handful of group channels named “Aux 1,” “Aux 2,” 'Aux 3," and so on. In Cubase 6, when I found some instruments I wanted to group together, I would select the instrument channels, then in the output routing section I would shift+click “Aux 1,” and all the instruments would output to the Aux 1 group. Now in Cubase 8 when I shift+click “Aux 1,” my instruments are instead routed to Aux 1, Aux 2, and Aux 3 in sequence. What am I doing wrong? How can I route multiple instruments to a single group? Is there a preference I can change to affect when shift+click does in channel routing?

I normally select them in the mixer and then turn on Q-link and change one and the other’s change - not used a key press for this but would be interested if there is one


I think you need Shift+Alt+Click