Routing Multiple incoming Midi Channels

I really need a way to parse incoming midi channels that come in on a single input. I’d like to take the midi out of my Beatstep Pro and have individual Midi tracks for individual Midi channels so I can route them in realtime to other VST’s. Selectable just like the output channel.

If I understand you correctly, this can already be done:

On all three Instrument tracks set the input routing to ‘All Midi Inputs’, then, just below the VST name set the individual midi channel for each VSTi.

Each VSTi will then only respond to its own midi channel.

No unfortunately, all incoming Midi channels play whatever instrument is selected. The Midi channel number only affects PLAYBACK of recorded Midi, it does not separate individual Midi Channels. This would be a simple addition. I’ve been asking for this feature for years.

I just double checked it to make sure it had dent been changed but I have 3 Midi channels coming from my Beatstep Pro into 3 separate VSTi’s and each incoming Midi Channel plays all 3 instruments despite having 3 different Midi Channels selected.

Use Input Transformer on each midi track corresponding to each channel.
Preset - Channel Filtering - Pass CH 01 etc.

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Thanks for the information. I’ll give it a try!