Routing Multiple Inputs/Outputs thru VST effects


I am using Mobius looper in Cubase Pro as a VST effects plugin. Mobius allows you to send it 8 audio inputs and return 8 outputs.

  1. How do I send multiple discrete audio signals to a VST effect?

The best I have come up with is to the put the VST effect in an insert slot of a group channel. But it seems that, though there are multiple
inputs to the group channel, Cubase only sends one audio signal (a sum of the inputs) to the VST insert.

  1. How do I route multiple audio singles from a VST effect?

Right now it seems that Mobius looper routes it’s audio direct to the stereo out, so even if I hit record on its group channel, nothing will be
recorded even though I still hear the audio. Just flabbergasting, I really don’t get it.

I have also tried using the FX sends on the Mobius channel, but they all send the same audio. I need the sends to somehow be connected with
Mobius so that send 1 routes mobius output 1, send 2 mobuis 2 and so on.

I’m seriously stuck. There are videos on youtube of people doing this exact thing in Reaper, and FL studio and it looks so easy!
I know Cubase can do this right? I bought it because it’s the best, right? Please tell me it can do this…

Thanks so much,
-Ben VW