Routing multiple tracks to a group at the same time

I used to be able to select several tracks at the same time and hold shift and select a new output. All selected tracks would now be routed to that new output.

In Cubase 7 this has changed (God knows why…) that the tracks will now be routed progressively when holding shift. The first goes to the selected output, the next to the next available output, and so on…
Maybe it’s just me but that seems a really useless feature.

Anyway, does anyone know a quick way to still route all selected tracks to a new output?

Some changes to long-standing work flows really frustrate. But I think this one’s worth it.

They’ve shifted all this over to the Q-Link feature. Just hold the Q-Link modifier when clicking on the routing. For me it’s shift+ ctrl. This works on anything and everything now, and imho, it’s bloody brilliant!:wink: