Routing multiple tracks to the same output via shift-click??

Is this broken or is there a secret modifier?

I am using this all the time - selecting multiple channels in the mixer - holding down shift and then route one of them (the first) to a new destination - the others will follow.

Helpfull if you just imported 30 tracks of choir-vocals which you now want to route to a group…

Now I am not able to do this anymore.


Hello Brandy,
From what I’ve learned up to now with N6 you can do this following a few steps:

1.Select the channels that you want.
2.Create a temporary group linking: On the MixConsole toolbar, activate the Q-Link button.
3.Change the parameters for one of the selected channels.
The changes are applied to all selected channels until you deactivate the Q-Link button.

Hope this helps,



It is shift+alt + click now.

Shift+alt is also the keymodifier for q-link. This means that shift+alt as a “multiple selection” modifier is a lot more consistent than earlier (N5).
Sadly it was changed from shift to shift+alt.

Using only shift as the modifier when routing makes a ascending selection.


Thanks!!! This is great :slight_smile:

I wished that all me issues would have such an easy solution… :imp: