Routing multiple tracks with SHIFT + ALT

I have not been able to change the input or output on multiple tracks simultaneously (in the inspector) using the SHIFT+ALT trick from previous versions of Cubase. Can anyone confirm that it works for them, or that somehow you are able to do that a different way now? I can’t imagine why they would break that feature.

Use the mixer, F3, select all tracks with shift and right click and link channels… Make sure to unlink after.

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It feels like sometimes shift+alt works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

It always works for me.

Q Link

  1. Open Mixer, F3
  2. Go to “Racks” and make sure “Routing” is showing
  3. Select Channels you want to route
  4. Enable Q Link, or, press and hold Shift+Alt
  5. Open Rack
  6. Select Destination (Vocal Bus, for example)

All selected Tracks are routed to the Bus

Release the keys or turn off Q-Link if desired.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t understand why we even have q-link. If multiple tracks are selected then they should automatically function as if they were linked.

Also cascade routing would be great.

I hate to say it but logic does this one thing right.

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I truly wish Cubase operated like this… why else would you intentionally SHIFT select many tracks and edit a single function if you DIDN’t want to propgate that edit to all the tracks?

Alt+Shift works for me. Having to use that shortcut (or Q-Link) is slightly less newbie friendly… I guess, but it’s consistent with how the rest of Cubase works and personally I find Cubase’s method far less error prone. If you’re not holding Alt+Shift then you’re probably not making changes to any other tracks by accident.

Strange, but I agree with both versions. One what Romantique Tp told - accident, other what jessenemitz told - logic.
Maybe we should have an option in Preferences?

There was another posts and somethin I was posted about unlogic work of Q-Link while you are in Project window. Therefore my idea was that Project window should have his own Q-Link or at least option in Preferences - use Q-Link on Project window too.

As from yesterdays posted post by someone and my reply comes an issue that not all features in Inspector pane can be set for multiple tracks by holding Shif+Alt (or vv). For example - timebase and lock features. Also there are my explanation (I think not bad) why this Shift+Alt combination not allowed in Windows-like selection boxes. Because of Windows - it closes selection box if you press Alt.

Ya I get that. The error prone thing. Although I would challenge the newbie remark. Some of us are certainly not newbies, we just don’t want to have to break out the key command claw for every single function. =)

PS: I love the signature quote.

Said it before, say it again: TOOL TIPS!

Tools tips?! They are too slow for our workflow :wink:

As far as Alt-shift in the inspector this has not been changed. Also see Change a track parameter for all or a selection of tracks - #11 by steve - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

It really would be so helpful. Another “Annual Request” :slight_smile:

Q-link and Hard Linking provide flexibility. It’s easy to press and hold Alt-Shift for a fast temporary link. I also assigned the key command Shift+K to toggle Q-Link on/off.