Routing multiple VST tracks to Groups?

Hi Guys,

Hoping for some help…

I am trying to work out if it’s possible to route more than one VST track to a group track. For example, if I have two VST instrument tracks for percussion and I want to route them both to a group track where they can be treated as a single track for the purpose of adding effects etc.

I was expecting / hoping that this would be the same process as routing multiple audio tracks to a group, however (as I should have realised) the “output” of a VST is the VST instrument itself, not a bus or channel.

Any guidance on how to do this - and whether in fact it is possible - would be greatly appreciated!


Go to the “routing” section on the MixConsole and change it from “Stereo Out” to the group channel that you want everything running to.

It works for me. I’m not sure why you don’t think it can be done? Maybe I’m missing something?


Thanks heaps, I will try again when I am back in the studio… Must have missed something somewhere!!