Routing of multi-channel audio interfaces (e.g. RME UFX)


In Cubasis 1.2 you can record up to 24 inputs at the same time.
If you have an interface with that many inputs it can be difficult to know which input to select in Cubasis.
Let’s post here the routing of your audio interfaces. I will start with the RME UFX (See attachment).
Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 5.47.06 PM.png

Great News! :slight_smile:

Here are channel assignments for the Presonus AudioBox 1818 VSL.
I have tested all 18 input channels into Cubasis, using the 1818 linked to a DigiMax D8 ADAT unit.
AudioBox 1818.png

every sound card, which is Class Compliant (doesn’t need special driver), can be connected to iPad, adn used as audio signal source, and target. If the sound card has more inputs/outputs, you should be able to use them in Cubasis.

I’m using this few months (Cubasis 1.2 is not the first one version, which can offer this) with RME sound cards. It’s great!

That is a nice piece of information, thank you.
I did wonder if it was possible to determine if an audio interface would work even if it was not on Steinbergs list of compatible devices.
However, do manufacturers specifically state when a device is Class Compliant or is this something the end user has to work out for themselves?
Any information that makes these choices informed and easier is appreciated.


Stevo… :smiley:

If the hardware (sound card) can works in the Class Compliant Mode, the manufacturer notice this onviously. You have to switch the sound card to special mode. Because it means, your computer (Mac or Windows) will ee it as generic sound card. So you will be not able to use specific software, like Control Panels (or Total Mix on RME).

So, the customer has to set it, and the manufacturer has to prepare the sound card for it.

Why on earth would anybody want to plug their RME UFX in to a 16bit maximum recording app? I certainly wouldn’t! LOL…
Yes that’s right, even after lots user requests we sill have no standard 24 bit recording option (and none in the pipeline)! So realistically for serious users at least, it still has to be Auria!

Hi Does the multichannel option only work for inputs or for outputs as well ?
Multi outputs would be great

It works for outputs too. But there is no lots of applications, which works with multichannel outputs on iPad. Music Studio works, if I remember it right. Cubasis, unfortunately, doesn’t.

Thanks for the info martin, thats sad ,and something that should be on the future request list.

Dear Mr Steinberg multiple outputs please…


+1 from me as we’ll…