Routing Ouputs to Inputs in Cubase 6

I’m not sure if this is a limitation of my my hardware or of Cubase. On youtube there is a great tutorial about converting syth/midi tracks to audio tracks by routing the audio of the synth to a new output bus and then selecting that output bus for input of a new audio track. The tutorial is using Cubase 5. I’m not sure what kind of hardware they have. When I try this on my MacBook Pro based system, the additional output buss is not listed as an input source for the new audio track. The only input I have are the those associated with my Steinberg C12+. This is also true for groups. I can set up a new group and route the audio from the synth to the new group, but I don’t get groups as an input option in the new audio track.

I didn’t think this was a limitation of the C12+ because all the routing is internal, but maybe it is?

Anyhelp would be greatly apreciated.

Cubase 6
Halion 4
Mac Book Pro 17
Steinberg C12+
Steinberg C121

I believe this routing scheme is only available in the full version of Cubase, is that what you have?

I’m not familiar with your device, but normally this is indeed a feature of the digital audio interface. I believe you are referring to “Looback”, so see if you can do that with your device (check your manual??). I use RME products and it is quite easy to do with their interfaces. In fact I use it regularly, and wouldn’t want to be without it.

Thanks for the reply. I just looked at my e-licenser and I’m still at Cubase Artist, which does not allow recording from busses. It looks like Steinberg is about to get a little more of my money! Thanks again for the help. :smiley:

You’re welcome! Steinberg, you’re welcome too…:stuck_out_tongue: